Youth Vision Uganda

Working Together For A Better Simple Life  

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Established in the spirit of humanitarian principles, Youth Vision Uganda seeks to respond to the unique plight of underprivileged youth and children through provision of quality education and training initiatives. Youth Vision Uganda (YVU) was founded in December 2007 and registered with Gulu District Department of Community Development Services December 2008.  Since its inception, Youth Vision Uganda has helped to successfully build the needed foundations of stronger post-conflict communities through provision of quality education to the less privileged youth and children in rural areas of Kati Kati Village, Lacor, Gulu District in Northern Uganda.

 Youth Vision Uganda is fully recognized as an indigenous, youth led community based non-governmental organization (CBO). Much like the fertile soils of Uganda, We at Youth Vision Uganda believe that children represent the future of our communities and the world at large.  With this in mind, Youth Vision Uganda attempts to plant the seeds of long term peace, prosperity and self-empowerment in the minds of the youth and children.



Our mission statement is to foster knowledge through innovative educational training initiatives that reinforces communities and transforms lives.  



   To contribute to the sustained growth, education and support of orphaned vulnerable youth and  children.

   To promote peace and peaceful co-existence through benevolent activities.

   To promote the deepening of faith and cultural values which support a high degree of moral behavior and gender sensitive society



   Orient action according to the needs of the less privileged children regardless of their sex, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

   Act solely on humanitarian grounds and in a professional manner

    Facilitate the growth of love and peace within our children



Youth and children are the focal point of Youth Vision Uganda’s aims. As the future generation of this world, children need to discover their inner will, focus, strength of mind, and heart for humanity by participating in occasions where they can learn to master the discipline of success at an earlier stage.