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Working Together For A Better Simple Life  

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Youth Vision Uganda in trying to broaden its scope of work with the less advantaged youth and children has partnered with different organizations and individuals to help achieve its set goals and objectives. our major partners at the moment include:
1. Omprakash Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization that fosters collaboration between over a hundred diverse grassroots educational partners and a global community of volunteers, fundraisers, teachers, and students. Omprakash has grown from the basic conviction that positive social action must be built upon global dialogue and the humility that it produces. By helping people from all over the world use the Omprakash database to build relationships with foreign educational leaders, we enable them to volunteer abroad and to initiate local service-learning projects that benefit everyone involved. We have helped schools from Ecuador to Afghanistan receive hundreds of volunteers, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and over a quarter-million books, yet our core goal is the exchange of perspectives, not money. This makes Omprakash inherently sustainable: since all administrators and staff are unpaid, we achieve our basic educational mission at virtually no monetary cost. Are your looking forward to volunteering international? Visit Omprakash database of 160 international Partner organizations at:

2. CHANCE is a charitable organization was founded by Avinaash Korrapati and Albert Lin. It was first inspired by a trip made by Avinaash to the Mandal Parishat Primary School. He was amazed by how excited the students were when he provided them with just a few pencils and notebooks. Chance is currently composed of 4 high school students enthusiastic about helping impoverished students get the education they deserve: Avinaash Korrapati, Albert Lin, Vivek Sridhar, and Vibhu Sharma.


CHANCE seeks to support and aid the education of children worldwide. In our fast-paced world today, education is often taken for granted. While most children have some degree of education, a large amount of children do not have access to this kind of opportunity. CHANCE's goal is to assist both children who lack education and those who have limited access to it. With the help of our donations and our determination, we strive to spread the joy of learning.

We at CHANCE are fully committed and dedicated to giving opportunities to these children in order for them to reach brighter futures. We want children to believe that they can attain their dreams and desires. We strongly believe that by helping create a safe, educational environment loaded with better facilities and encouragement for these children, they can achieve their dreams. Through fundraising, we raise money to be given to those who cannot afford a proper education. In addition, our efforts will help rebuild and improve learning facilities, so that children will be able to learn in a more comfortable, stable, and sanitary environment. You can visit our website at more information. 

3. World Love Organization - Youth Vision Uganda has also entered into new partnership with World Love Organization a registered organization under Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

4. Volunteer Friends - Thomas Johnson, Lynn Aonso, Rasha Harvey, Avinaash Korrapatte, Valerie, Mike Burns, Kris klein, Andrea Reid and willy thanks you all for the great effort regards from Gulu