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Sponsor A Child

The best gift you can give a child today is the gift of education however much as some parents would wish the best for their children, their dream is shuttered by the looming pressure of poverty, war and coincidental HIV/AIDS impact in the area. It’s upon this background that, we seek sponsorship for the most desperate and needy children in our reach today.

How it works

Each of our sponsors contributes a onetime tax-deductible secure online donation of ($100) once every year.  These funds are put into a ‘pool’ to cater specifically to the educational needs of children who have been pre-determined to be living in conditions were insufficient parental support exists. All scholarship funds are used to provide the less privileged children with an opportunity that would otherwise not exist. We count on you whenever you donate to this cause, because you help us change lives, build strong children and re-build our post-conflict communities. However it is our humble request that sponsors commit to a one-year minimum sponsorship package so that the child in question is given a full-year studies. 

The process:

Sponsored children have their tuition fees paid for a full year, provided with all necessary school supplies and given ongoing support. In addition, sponsored child will be given the opportunity to be in direct contact with their sponsor(s) should they decide. To determine the impact of your money, it our obligation to provide you (sponsor) with scanned academic progress reports, copies of fees payment receipts and continual contact from our organization.


Since Bright Destiny Academy's beginning in 2007, the children have been studying under incomplete structures which were intended to be temporary.  During the rainy season in Uganda, the weather often turns extreme, and as such lessons are frequently interrupted with as children are forced to stand in one corner of the classroom until the weather clears.  The building of a durable roof therefore represents one of our organization’s chief priorities.  With a permanent block classroom, each child in our program will be given a secure and comfortable environment where they can learn with confidence.  

We needed to raise a maximum of $ 6,000 for this cause but that God; we have managed to raise $ 980 through the Omprakash Foundation plat form. This implies more $5,000 is required to complete this project. We surely want to count on you for whatever little support you can render us today.

Sponsor the food for education program

 This is simply giving school children food. With the fact that little children in here can go for even 24 hours without food, we intend to embark on a school feeding program worthy $1,000 to assist with the implementation of the program. Your support in this particular cause will make our work with the children easy and more rewarding.


We are constantly recruiting new onsite and offsite volunteers to serve in a variety of valuable roles.  If you are an individual who is interested in making a real difference in the developing world, you can begin today by contacting Youth Vision Uganda for meaningful volunteer and/or adventure trip to Uganda.  

In-kind Donations

Do you have any old or unused item that you would like to dispose off?  Consider giving that charitable offer to Youth Vision Uganda. We are in great need of:

  • Early childhood education learning materials such as books, crayons, pencils and chalkboards
  • Seed Money
  • Sporting equipment including soccer balls, cones
  • Office supplies including Computers, Laptops, Printers, Video or Digital still cameras for project documentation work.